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Posted by Bellabox on 19th Sep 2014

BellaBox Feature

Posted by Peter Ng on September 19, 2014


Skinlite Facial Wrap featured in September edition of BellaBox.

Why You Need To Try A Skinlite Mask

By Julia Foskey Posted on 2 Sep 2014 under bella buys


Some of the masks we sampled in August – see below for Australian stockists

Did you sample a Skinlite face mask in your August bellabox? We sampled the Age Defying Collagen Mask, the Anti-Stress Chamomile Mask and the Relaxing & Calming Lavender Mask in August, and our members have been incredibly enthusiastic about them. These masks are available from pharmacies across Australia plus beauty and hair salons across Australia as well as are an incredible way to relax and give your skin the love it deserves.

Skinlite products are made in Korea. We all know how innovative Korean skincare companies are, and Skinlite is no exception!

With our busy schedules it can be very hard to find time to go and get a professional facial. Skinlite facial masks provides the luxury of having a DIY rejuvenating facial treatment in the comfort of your own home. Quick, easy and no-mess facial masks sheets as a maintenance routine is a growing trend worldwide. With the many different types & 'flavours' to choose from in the Skinlite range, you can look forward to choosing the right mask to match your mood and skin needs for that day.

Skinlite facial wraps offer the perfect blend of a facial mask without the mess. Simply remove the wrap from its individual packet, apply it to the face, wait 20 minutes, remove and dispose. No liquids to mix. No risk of germs. As each wrap is individually packaged, you can easily warm/cool each wrap to the temperature best suit their needs. Place it in hot water to create a warm wrap or put in the refrigerator for a cold one.

The good news is we are now stocking some of Skinlite's other masks in our bellabox store! Click the links below to purchase each of the products listed.

SL 249 Rejuvenating Pearl Mask.jpg

Rejuvenating Pearl Mask

Formulated with pearl powder, vitamin E and collagen, this moisturising facial mask rejuvenates your dull and tired complexion. Clearing blemishes, minimizing pores and reducing skin redness, this facial mask also tones your skin to give you a refreshed and hydrated complexion.


Illuminating Arbutin Mask

Enriched with arbutin, vitamin E and green tea extract, this facial mask leaves you with brighter and softer skin. Revitalising your skin, this nourishing mask clarifies uneven skin tones, lightens dark spots and improves fine lines on the face which gives you smoother and fairer skin.

SL237_Ultra Hydrating Oilve Oil Mask_ENG.jpg

Ultra Hydrating Olive Oil Mask

An ultra-nourishing and hydrating facial mask that lifts and renews skin. Made with 100% natural pulp, this facial mask is enriched with olive oil and nourishing ingredients of vitamin E and collagen which provides intense hydration for tired and dry skin. Leaving your skin soft and smooth, this facial mask moisturises your face to give you healthy and younger-looking skin.

SL 231_Firming lift Q-10 mask.jpg

Firming Lift Q-10 Mask

A hydrating facial mask which restores your skin’s elasticity and vitality. Blended with coenzyme Q-10, green tea extract and vitamin E, this 100% natural pulp sheet is effective for skin lifting and hydration, leaving skin firmer and refreshed!

The Age Defying Collagen Mask, Anti-Stress Chamomile Mask and Relaxing & Calming Lavender Mask are are available from pharmacies across Australia plus beauty and hair salons across Australia as well as

What's your favourite type of mask? Let me know in the comments - Julia