About Us

SkinBank is an importer, distributor and wholesaler of Korean-made Cosmetics and skincare products. We import and distribute several top Korean cosmetics brands into Australia. The companies SkinBank represent, through continuous innovation, research and development have maintained a consistent and reliable quality in manufacturing their products and are positioned as leaders in the industry. These product ranges are distributed to over 70 countries around the world. Well established in Asia, Europe and US and now taking Australia by storm.

Korea's leading technology for cosmetics are world renowned with numerous companies gaining awards worldwide. SkinBank specializes in providing convenient and value for money solutions to skin beauty & health regime. We strive to deliver great customer service, high quality products, competitive pricing, attractive packaging and on-time delivery.

We pride ourselves in providing newly concepted products & packages for convenient, easy and effective skincare products.

Due to busy schedules, sometimes it is hard to find time to go for a facial at the beauty Salon. Facial mask sheet provides the luxury of having a DIY rejuvenating facial treatment in the comfort of home. Quick, easy and no-mess facial masks sheets as a maintenance routine is a growing trend worldwide.

Our product range targets at providing cost efficient and time saving solutions to skincare and beauty.

Thank you for being a SkinBank partner.